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Post by Admin » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:12 am

Search first! - If it's already posted here, your release will be deleted.

What will not be considered a Software Release?
• Mass releases (releases containing more than one application) will generally not be accepted.
• Ask a moderator if you want to make any collection of releases.
• There is also some quality control on the apps accepted; if the app released is of truly awful quality and overfilled with intrusive ads, our moderators may remove it.
• Generally though if you find that your release is missing it will be because you did not follow one of the rules.

Be sure to include the following :
• Requirements for the app you are posting (Android 2.0+, etc.). Just writing "Android" is not enough.
• Overview of your release (short headline), what are the highlights? (you can copy and paste an overview from Google Play).
• Image of the app in action.

Next comes the complete description of your release.
• Advertisements included in the app.
• Use the exact text used in the template but replace the part in capital letters (CAPS).
• If your release has no ads, replace with "no," if your app does have ads you need to specifically state which ones (saying "This app has advertisements" will not be enough).
• If you know which company the advertisements come from, please say so because it is helpful, but optional.
Proper examples:
This app has banner advertisements
This app has push, banner and text advertisements
This app has no advertisements

More Info Link to the developer's homepage of the software you are releasing, mostly to play.google.com
Proper example:

Code: Select all

If there is no such link (no developer's homepage or Playstore) put "N/A".

Then is Download Instructions , Main Download Link & Mirror's.
• Always keep Minimum two Download Link's. [1 Main Download + 1 Mirror]
• More than two Download Link's is Optional.
Proper example:
Download Instructions:


Here is the message body for it:

Code: Select all

[b]SKRWT v1.2.0[/b]
[u]Requirements:[/u] Android 4.0+
[u]Overview:[/u] SKRWT - the missing link in high-end smartphone photography - is the most powerful keystone- and lens-correction tool out there and has been selected for the App Store's "Best Apps 2014". Discover never-before-seen editing features and enhance your smartphone photography with just a few taps. All hail symmetry!

[img]http://i66.tinypic.com/14e5ahc.jpg[/img] [img]http://i65.tinypic.com/f24yrq.jpg[/img]

Converging lines have always been a given in smartphone photography due to the fixed focal length of today's mobile phones – but not anymore. You can now correct horizontal and vertical perspective distortion with just one swipe. It’s really that simple!

SKRWT's Sixth Lense Filter is a real game changer: Shots taken with adapters, DSLRs or with a GoPro now get their very own all-inclusive distortion-correction – drone enthusiasts welcome!

4PNTS is a new approach to working with perspective that's basically more on the manipulation side of things. This new 4-point-perspective-tool offers a hands-on approach to transforming and skewing your imagery that has not been possible on the Play Store before.

We're happy to announce that we were able to integrate MRRW as new in-app extension into v1.1 - helping you reach new heights of symmetry by mirroring back one side of the frame only. Super-precise or super-creative… you decide.

Even though we agree that a nice, subtle vignette can add to a photograph here and there, we’d like to make sure you have the choice – always.

Fixing crooked lines asks for slight cropping of the original photo, that’s just how it is. But no worries – it’s all taken care of! Automatic cropping provides your photo with the best possible result.

Our custom-grid offers various options for your personal viewing pleasure both in terms of color as well as grid-size. So whatever your original photo looks like – you’re in control!

SKRWT’s ratio option helps you find the best possible ratio to create new compositions and uncover your pictures’ hidden symmetry.

All file information at one glance: See your shots aperture, shutter, ISO and more in the built-in exif reader.

While we were at it, we've been consequently rethinking workflows. A preview before importing, immensely improving the selection process before editing.

Arrange your gallery's folders in whatever way works best - and optionally hide folders hindering your SKRWT workflow.

We've been rethinking the SKRWT experience to come up with ways to make it even easier to handle. So we overhauled the interface which now can be worked one-handed and even more intuitively - new control gestures included!

For minor mirroring purposes that don't necessarily have to go through MRRW, there's a new instant mirror filter in the main interface.

Optionally overwrite original photographs with the edited file to help prevent clustering your phone's gallery.

And there’s more:


If you are a sucker for quality and symmetry, SKRWT is for you. Please check out skrwt.com for extended information on all the features.

[b]What's New:[/b]
Welcome to SKRWT v1.2:
The real deal in perspective enhancement - SKRWT keeps pushing things forward with the in-app extension 4PNTS.
4PNTS is a new approach to working with perspective that's basically more on the manipulation side of things. This new 4-point-perspective-tool offers a hands-on approach to transforming and skewing your imagery that has not been possible on the Play Store before. (iap)
Thank you for supporting SKRWT x MRRW x 4PNTS!
Love & symmetry

[b]This app has no advertisements[/b]

[u]More Info:[/u]
[u]Download Instructions:[/u]

• Do not put any additional spaces (empty lines) in your release- use the template format.
• More Info links from external blogs/forums or any advertising sites are not allowed. If there is no link (developer's homepage or Playstore) put "N/A".
• Software packages containing multiple software which have already been released and only regrouped according to a common trait are forbidden. If you wish to release a special software package that has been specially organized in what you find to be a very useful way, PM a mod to get permission to post it. Otherwise, an unauthorized software/game package with all of its contents already existing in posted releases will be deleted.
• Only direct links to filehosts will be accepted. In other words do not post a link to a secondary page that will display the link(s) (and show ads or list multiple links at the same time). Just post that link. Examples of disallowed links: adf.ly, mirrorcreators, lix.in, etc. The link must rely directly to the service, hosting your file. Also not allowed: Filehosters, requiring to pay for download without any chance to get it for free!
• Do not archive with .RAR , instead archive with .ZIP.
• If you still are not sure how to format your release, look at other posts in the forums. Use the preview button until you get your post to look right.

All topics that are not edited after ~7 days will be deleted.

Thank you for posting!
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