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#1 Ultimate Greenify Guide [MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE] [NO ROOT]

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:34 pm
by MirzaN8
What's up everyone!
If you're like me -a casual user/ medium heavy user-, you'll need to charge your battery near the evening or midway if you're watching full-res videos, playing some games or doing navigation.
Most of us don't realize, after closing an app it stays idle in the background via a process to quickly relaunch it. Sadly, many apps have a very poorly designed bg-process, like the notorious Facebook app(s).
Also, many don't realize, that these so called "booster apps" just clean the RAM and don't do much at all. However, they gather data which in my honest opinion is an insulting act itself.

This guide aims to help you save ACTUAL battery life and optimize your phone.
We'll use a well known app in the (root-) community called "Greenify" by oasisfeng.

- Greenify (Playstore link: ... nify&hl=en )
- Android phone running 4.4+/ Kitkat and above
- Common sense
- Patience
- (OPTIONAL) root

Step 1: Initialize Greenify
First off, you'll naturally start Greenify once installed. Go through the setup and don't worry if it asks for root. It'll work just as good as without it.
After the setup, you'll be throught to the main screen of greenify, where it'll show you some small instructions how-to use it.
Now Tap the + icon on the top right.

Step 2: Analyizing and dissecting the apps
Now starts the fun part: Shutting down the draining apps. One you've tapped the + icon as mentioned previously, you'll be presented a screen which lists off apps currently running. Scroll down until you see "Show more apps" (The most bottom option) and wait for it to load.
Once it loaded, you'll see a list of apps, some of them having a fancy blue cloud icon.
Now you CAN select EVERY APP you believe is rarely used/ not used often (F.e. shopping apps, food ordering apps, media rendering apps, games, casual apps, etc.).
Trust me, your list can't have enough, be genrous while selecting. Be sure to avoid Social Media apps (like Snapchat, WhatsApp) or else you'll loose the ability to receive messages on time EXCEPT Facebook and it's Messenger, greenify those aswell (More on those in the companion article/ guide"Amplify" in the guide section).
Once you have selected all the apps you wanted to greenify, press the FAB-Button/ The floating tickmark button. Violà!

Step 3: End the drainage.
Once you added all the apps to your list and pressed the FAB-button to confirm your selection, you'll be brought back to the mainscreen, now with a bunch of apps listed in two categories:
- No need to hibernate
- Hibernated
The apps listed as "no need" are deemed as battery-friendly by greenifies analysis and have a extra label: background-free.
Re-check the list yourself and tap on the desired app you feel should be hibernated/ greenified anyway, press the 3-dot-menu and select "ignore background-free".
After all these steps and sorting, finally press the "Zzz"-FAB Button/ Sleep button on the bottom right corner and watch greenify terminate all the excessive processes and services.*

* = To actually terminate services, you'll have to utelize "Amplify" which does a more in-depth job than greenify, but is nevertheless an equally good battery saving helper alongside greenify.

Step 4: (OPTIONAL) Activate "Agressive Doze" in setings
This one is entirely up to you.
Agressive Doze essentially ignores the default Android Doze values and overwriters/ forces alternative rules to activate Doze immideatly as soon as the screen is turned off. Essentially boosting Doze's functionality.

And that's it, congratulations!
You've now actually done your device a favor and helped it save some battery and computing power.
From time to time I HIGHLY recommend opening greenify to terminate all the unnecessary manually, because if you're already on your Phone, why not open greenify and terminate some junk? ;-)
(I know it sounds nuts to open it EVERYTIME you use your device and I'm not saying you should, but trust me; It's worth to check in from time to time.)

End notes:
This guide has been tested against MANY devices (univeral8895 board, universal8890 board, Nexus 5, Redmi Note 4X), each with very different SoC's and battery capacities. The result has been positive across the devices and i hope this will help you too!

Got a question or not sure how to proceed? Feel free to ask and leave a feedback if you've tried it out!

#2 Re: [MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE] [NO ROOT]Ultimate Greenify Guide

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:59 pm
by Dark❶
Bonjour! @MirzaN8 :wave: ,

Awesome Tutorial my friend. :D :clap: :thumbup:

It's Perfect. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
No Need ;) :P
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